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Lincoln Limousine - low rate low budget production limo

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It’s not uncommon to see limousine services charging exorbitant prices for their luxurious rides. So, when Lincoln Limousine emerged on the scene with significantly lower prices, many people were understandably excited.

However, the reality of Lincoln Limousine’s business model is far less impressive than it may seem at first glance. While the company’s prices are indeed lower than those of its competitors, the reason for this is not because of any kind of innovative cost-cutting measure or increased efficiency. Instead, it’s simply because the company uses driver-owned vehicles, which means that the drivers themselves are responsible for the cost of buying, maintaining, and insuring their own vehicles.

This may sound like a good thing for drivers, but the reality is that it places an enormous financial burden on them. Not only do they have to cover the initial cost of buying a high-end luxury vehicle, but they also must pay for ongoing maintenance and repairs, which can be incredibly expensive. On top of that, they must purchase their own commercial insurance policies, which can also be prohibitively expensive.

Despite all of these challenges, Lincoln Limousine seems to be doing very little to support its drivers. The company doesn’t provide any kind of financial assistance for vehicle purchases or maintenance, and it doesn’t offer any kind of benefits or protections for its drivers. Instead, it simply takes a cut on each fare that its drivers earn, leaving them to bear the brunt of the financial risks associated with owning and operating a luxury vehicle.

Despite all of these serious issues, Lincoln Limousine seems to be getting a surprising amount of positive coverage regarding their rates. Many news outlets have praised the company for its low prices and innovative business model, but very few have taken a closer look at the reality of what it’s like to work for Lincoln Limousine as a driver.

Overall, while Lincoln Limousine’s prices may be low, the company’s business model is deeply flawed and ultimately unsustainable. The drivers only accept Lincoln Limousine trips when they are very slow, and have no other work. Many of these drivers also work for Uber, Lyft and other ride share outlets. This means, simply that if the hourly earnings potential is more favorable by working Uber, these drivers are not performing Lincoln Limousine jobs. What does this mean?

That there will be periods when Lincoln Limousine will have no car service coverage due to their low prices and unwilling driver team at Lincoln Limousine simply become unavailable to accept Lincoln Limousine trip reservation.

The Lincoln Limousine system is filled with flaws with a low-rate concept, when coverage is not available at low rates.



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