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how to choose a black car service !

Business executives usually have  their EA’s (executive assistants) plan for meetings, airfare, and ground travel from start to end. The most important role is having proper business class car service suppliers within EA’s network. How do we define proper business class car service?

Proper business class car services are black car services which have a reputation for reliability, great reviews, and professional experienced chauffeurs. So, let’s discuss each category in detail. Let’s discuss reliability.

Back Car service for EAs

Choose a Black Car service which is reliable time after time. This means that the black car service clock. EA’s should examine the track record of the selected business class black car services, and choose ones which are also reliable in rush hours, weekends, holidays and during times of peak time travel. How can we measure companies’ reliability? Chances are the reviews will mention reliability of current and past users.

Reviews are helpful in determining a company’s ability. So, for example, if a company has 200 reviews with 195 being 5 stars, and 5 being 4 is a good indication of the company working hard to provide decent black car service. It is very hard to get good reviews from happy customers. Out of 500 happy customers, only 15% go out of their way to post a review and feedback. However, an unhappy customer will be quick to leave negative feedback. In our experience, a company having 195 solid reviews is the equivalent of 1300 satisfied riders with 5 or less not happy. The unhappy customers represent .3% of 1300 riders.  So, reviews are helpful for EA’s in determining the black car service for their bosses. How does a company gather reviews? The company must be on time, with the newest equipment and most importantly expertise and professionals to perform their duty.

Professional chauffeurs are chauffeurs who have at least ten years in their local municipality and operating areas. Over the course of ten years, the professional chauffeurs have learnt through trial and error and have improved their navigational ability and planning. For this reason, EA’s should consider the company’s chauffeur screening, the average year of experience a chauffeur has with the company.

Following all of these suggestions can make the EA’s job much easier when planning a business travel for their bosses. We are Black Car JFK Airport Limo have been working with EA’s for a very long time. We are excited in assisting, planning, and coordinating all aspects of chauffeur Black Car services for the beginner and the advanced EA. Our specialized services fo the very selective executive assistants ensure the very best paring of chauffeurs with the EA’s expectations.  
Some EA’s prefer a quiet chauffeur whereas some bosses want a chauffeur who may proactively provide insights about the city, and traffic patterns. Contact us for all of your business class Black Car travel needs in New York. 

Our executive assistant services are available for EA’s who have particular needs and requests in precision black car and limousine services. We are offering our expertise at no cost for busy executives and corporate clients who need assistance and guidance with planning travel in and around a congested city like NYC. Whether you need a town car to travel to a corporate meeting, a passenger van for a road show, or a private car service to the airport, our team is at the ready to coordinate the transportation and prevent you from getting tied up in the details.

We are happy to offer first class service to executive and offer much more.

  • Planning travel times from location to locations for meetings and appointments
  • Electronic trip status notifications for executive(s)/guest(s)/ VIPs
  • Estimate future trips
  • Providing quality customer service
  • 24-hour access and support in short notice travel arrangements.